Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing: EECS703A

Prof. Gary Geunbae Lee

Curse Information

·         course syllabus

·         Text book and lecture note reference

·         introduction to nlp slide (from C. Manning)


 Lecture Notes from ML text book and other sources

·         Ch1. Introduction to ML

·         Ch2. Concept Learning

·         Ch3. Decision Tree Learning

·         Ch4. Artificial Neural Networks

·         Ch5. Evaluating Hypotheses

·         Ch6. Bayesian Learning

·         Ch7. Computational Learning Theory

·         Ch8. Instance Based Learning

·         Ch9. Genetic Algorithms

·         Ch10. Learning Sets of Rules

·         Ch11. Analytical Learning

·         Ch12. Combining Inductive and Analytical Learning

·         Ch13. Reinforcment Learning

·         Maxentropy learning

·         SVM

·         HMM

·         CRF

·         Bayesian Network

M. Collins Lecture Note for ML for NLP (from MIT)

. Intro to NLP

. Language modeling

. Stochastic parsing I, Stochastic parsing II, Stochastic parsing III

. Log-linear model

. Tagging

. Log-Linear model & EM I, EM II


. Global Linear model I, II, III

. Generalization


. IE

. Relation Extraction

. Dialog

. Optimality

. Kernel method


 Related Papers

·         A Tutorial on Support Vector Machines for Pattern Recognition

·         Bagging Predictors

·         A Short Introduction to Boosting

·         Combining Labeled and Unlabeled Data with Co-Training

·         A Maximum Entropy Approach to Natural Language Processing

Project resources

·         POSTAG/K_Sejong : Korean Part-of-Speech tagger

·         POSTAG/K_Sejong for Windows

·         POSTAG/K_Sejong internet demo

·         Sejong tagset guidline

·         README

·         POSTAG/E:

·         POSTAG/E for Linux (Redhat version)

·         POSTAG/E for Linux (fedora version)

·         POSTAG/E internet demo

·         Tagging guide (tagset)

·         README

·         POSPAR/K_Sejong : Korean syntactic parser

o        POSPAR/K_Sejong for Linux

o        POSPAR/K_Sejong internet demo

o        Parsing guide (simple version)

o        Parsing guide (full version)

o        README

·        Charniak Parser for English


l        parser

l        README