NLP for Bioinformatics : CS704

Fall, 2003

Prof. Gary Geunbae Lee



Course Information

         Course syllabus

         Paper Reading List


Presentation Slides from Stanford  (Original slides (color) are available from Stanford BMI214/CS274)

        Representations and Algorithms for Computational Molecular Biology

        Pairwise Sequence Alignment using Dynamic Programming

        Multiple Sequence Alignment

        RNA Structure Computations

        Terminologies and Ontologies

        Natural Language Processing in Biology

        Microarray Data Analysis : Clustering and Classification Methods (1)

        Microarray Data Analysis : Clustering and Classification Methods (2)

        Hidden Markov Models and Multiple Sequence Alignment

        Genetic Networks

        Intro to Biopathway (Jeong SeolKyung)

        Pathway/Genome Database

        Further Opportunities in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Supplementary Slides from Stanford

        Clarification of logistic regression and tree-based multiple alignment

        Gene Structure & Gene Finding

        Structural Alignment

        Basic Computing with Biological Structures in 3D

        Comparative Genomics

        The Protein Folding Problem

        Evolutionary Trees

        Protein Structure Prediction


        Microarray Data Analysis




edited by jeongwon cha