Subcellular Localization of Proteins

This page provides an online prediction service for subcellular localization of proteins. The classifier for this task was implemented using the BCAR library. The online version of the classifier is serviced via a HTML FORM facility as presented below. Input the FASTA sequence of a test protein, then click "Predict" button. Prediction results will be shown in the output window.

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* test sample

Select training data model:

Input a test sequence (FASTA format):

* The first line starting with '>' will be treated dummy.

Or, upload a FASTA file with multiple sequences (at most 50):

* subcellular
location codes

Prediction results:

* The format is "seq_id: label_1 score_1 label_2 score_2 ...".
** The predicted class is "label_1", the highest scored one.

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